10 Things You Should Know About Jubilees

  1. Jubilees only occur in two places: The Eastern Shore of the Mobile Bay in Alabama and Tokyo Bay in Japan.
  2. A Jubilee occurs because hypoxic (low oxygen level) water forces bottom dwelling animals to the surface searching for oxygen.
  3. A Jubilee is more likely when the Bay is calm, because stagnant water causes the salt to settle at the bottom. This causes a salinity spike in the Bay bottom and poor oxygen levels.
  4. A Jubilee is more likely when it is hot outside because warm water holds less oxygen then cold water.
  5. A Jubilee is more likely after an afternoon shower because the rain washes alternate food sources into the Bay, leaving a higher level of phytoplankton than usual. Phytoplankton need dissolved oxygen to sustain life. (Especially at night- see #6)
  6. A Jubilee is more likely at night because phytoplankton cannot perform photosynthesis at night and use even more dissolved oxygen than during the day. (See how the oxygen level continues to get lower and lower?)
  7. A Jubilee is more likely when there is a gentle Easterly wind because the East wind will cause a surface current pushing the hypoxic water towards the Eastern Shore and forcing the animals in front of it. Remember, this has to be a gentle wind in order for the areas of dense salinity to not mix with the areas of fresh water and cause oxygen to circulate again.
  8. A Jubilee is more likely after low tide because as the water comes back out, the animals are forced closer to the shore with the tide to find oxygen in the water.
  9. The Mobile Bay is a good environment for a Jubilee because the water is shallow, allowing it to heat up quicker.
  10. The Mobile Bay is also a good environment for a Jubilee because it has several fresh water rivers around it that can cause layers of fresh water to pile on top of stagnant, high salinity water, making it so the water does not circulate (or mix).

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When Life Hands You Grapes…..Go To a Jubilee.

10 Comments on “10 Things You Should Know About Jubilees”

    • Totally right! I have been in two of ’em, on the western shore at Alabama Port. You have to see it to believe it! I stopped counting when I got to 250 flounder!!!

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  1. Jubilees can be exciting if you are prepared. Dont think someone will take time to show you how to light a lantern! Everyone is too busy getting flounder, shrimp, crabs.

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  2. Jubilee at Alabama Port in 1999 bigest I’ve ever been in, I’ve been to several. Lasted well into the morning 10 am . Shrimp, flounder, but also stingray, Speckled Trout, white trout , ground mullet, Ell,


  3. Something else people need to know about jubilees. Minimum length for
    Flounder is 12 inches. Flounder has a maximum limit of 10 fish taken, unless you have a ($101.00) commercial license.


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