12 Things only Baldwin County People Will Understand

1.)  The feeling of complete terror when you’re on I-10 heading to Mobile and traffic stops.
2.)  Telling tourists it’s GULF Shores, not GOLF or GUF Shores. (While we’re at it, it’s not pronounced Mo-bull it’s Mo-beel)
3.)  Avoiding the bayway between 7-9 am, 4-6 pm, and any Friday before a holiday weekend.
4.)  Knowing exactly how many seconds you have to listen to static in the tunnel. (And holding your breath in the tunnel)
5.)  Going to the Shrimp festival, Jubilee festival, Strawberry Festival, and Arts and Crafts Festival (and eating way too much).
6.)  Waking up in the middle of the night to go check for a Jubilee.
7.)  Explaining to tourists from up north what real humidity is.
8.)  Knowing not to speed through Robertsdale on Hwy 59, ever.
9.)  Explaining to tourists (Especially those from New Orleans) that Mardi Gras was truly originated in Mobile. (And what Joe Cain Day is)
10.)  Going to the Grand Hotel for holiday meals. (And feeding the ducks)
11.) Rooting for your high school football team well after graduation. (Even though they’ll never be as good as they were when you were there)
12.)  The feeling of pure joy when you leave Mr Gene’s Beans with your coffee and ice cream at the Lighting of the Christmas Trees. (Yes we eat ice cream year around)

When Life Hands You Grapes……Move to Baldwin County.

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19 Comments on “12 Things only Baldwin County People Will Understand”

  1. Never going to Mobile after Thursday during the summer and attempting to return home to Baldwin Co. Unless you travel the Cochran Bridge and causeway.


  2. If you do attempt the bayway on a Friday of a holiday weekend you will certainly find out what’s up by the Virginia street exit.


  3. You’ve got it backwards on item 2. It’s the tourists who tell the locals it’s pronounced Gulf and not Guf.


  4. Go through the tunnel in 50ths or 60ths without a quarter! See the old guy at the toll booth with no teeth! Be stuck in the tunnel after a wreck when you are in a hurry.


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