Why Does Success Always Come With Enemies? Does It Have To Be This Way?

The ladder to the top is built on the shoulders of those below you. Even if you were able to achieve success without stepping on anyone to get there, this is still unfortunately the first thing others will assume when viewing your rise. But why is this the case? Why does success come with enemies, and does it really have to be this way?


The most common reason these two are synonymous is simply bitterness. You were able to achieve something that someone else was not and they’re upset—usually at themselves more than anything for feeling like they’ve failed but it’s much easier to direct that at the one they envy. It’s important to remember that they don’t hate your success; they begrudge the fact that you were able to obtain it when they couldn’t for whatever reason. The easiest thing to combat this is to offer support.  You don’t want to come off haughty because that will only make the problem worse. If you humbly share your expertise as a way to help someone else get to the same point as yourself, then you’re taking what could have been an opportunity for them to be bitter and turning it into a feeling of appreciation. Make sure you share your mistakes so the other person doesn’t feel as bad for those they will inevitably make one day in the future.


Another reason success comes with enemies is because you might have actually stepped on someone else to get to where you are. Before you protest, just remember this doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person—even though you want to avoid this at all cost. The sad reality is though that it’s a dog eat dog world and it’s easy to get caught up in the race sometime. This leads to people doing what they must do to succeed. If you’ve found yourself in this situation it’s important to take responsibility. There are going to be people mad at you and they have every right to feel that way. When they do, apologize. Owning up to your actions and learning from them is vital to personal growth. We’ll never be at the top of the ladder forever, so on your next climb make sure to reach out to those working around you and offer support; also, don’t be afraid to ask for theirs. This gives them a sense of pride to be able to help you and in doing so you’ve created a mutual trust and partnership. As you grow in your success, you’ll create a web of support. By doing so you’ll find it’s much easier to move up if you’re helping each other as opposed to fighting each other to the top.


For years the rule has been that achievements would be met with scorn. This can become the exception though. While it’s normal for success to come with enemies, just remember there are ways to change that and they start with you.

When Life Hands You Grapes- Squash the Bitterness

Written by Guest Blogger- Kassidy

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