10 Things You Learn From Growing Up in the South

Growing up in the south is definitely interesting! You may hear southern stereotypes, but a lot of these are fabricated. Unless you grew up in the south, you can not truly understand Southern living. However, we are here to help you get an idea of a few things you learn when you grow up in the south!

Southern Food > All Other Food

Whether you are eating chicken and waffles, barbeque that falls off the bone, biscuits with honey, or gumbo – the south truly has the best menu available! Growing up in the south means that you are exposed to food that you will crave for the rest of your life! No matter where you travel, nothing will be able to compare to grandma’s sweet tea or fried chicken!

Hot Asphalt and Leather Seats are a Nightmare in Summer

There’s nothing quite as painful as hot asphalt on your bare feet or your thighs touching those hot leather seats! You have truly never felt “the burn” unless one of these has happened to you during a hot southern summer day!

Chivalry is not Dead

Southern Belles and Southern Gentlemen definitely still exist. Growing up in the south you will learn to mind your manners. Yes ma’am, No sir, please and thank you, are a part of every southerner’s dictionary.

Sundays in the South

If you are headed out for church, you better dress your best! It is better to overdress for church, than underdress.

What’s a secret?

Word travels fast in the south! So if you have big news, you better tell your family first because before you know it, it has spread like wildfire.

Happy Holidays

There’s no better time in the south than during the holidays! Whether it’s during Christmas and the table is overflowing with homemade dishes, or Easter where the whole family is gathered around. Holidays in the south can’t be beat!

What’s Fall? Oh, You Mean Football Season!

Fall in the South is better known as football season! You can typically find everybody gathered at the local high school on Friday nights decked out in their school colors! However, come Saturday you will find everyone representing their SEC teams. Football is a fixture in the south, you can certainly count on the whole town showing up.

Great Outdoors

Spare time in the south is typically spent outdoors. You spend a lot of time under the Oak trees, or on the Southern coast. Rather than sitting in front of the television, you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors!


In the south, blood runs thicker than water. In other words, your family will always come first. Mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles – they all played a part in our journey of growing up!

Strong Communities

When hard times hit, Southern communities come out stronger! The communities rally around one another and lend a helping hand to all of those in need.

Growing up in the South is truly a blessing. It comes with many perks like tight knit communities, great holidays, or even better food – the South has much to offer!

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