Different Mom Groups Across Mobile and Baldwin County

Being a stay at home mom you’re more overworked and overtired than you’ve ever been and just an inkling of adult interaction would be nice (And, no, chatting up Cinderella at Disney World doesn’t count). Finding a group of fellow moms would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Where My Ladies At?

Finding the right mom group may seem overwhelming but do a simple Facebook search and you’re likely to find a group of ladies who will welcome you with open arms (as you run to them frantically, leaving a trail of juice boxes and animal crackers behind).

Splash Pad/Pool Moms

Start by sticking your toe in the pool (literally) and meet up with the splash pad/or pool mom group. The first day it hits above 70 degrees you will find this group soaking up the sun before nap time. They’re usually hunkered down with a beach bag full of supplies to help the kids stay protected (copious amounts of SPF needed), fed (Cheez-It’s. All the Cheez-It’s) or entertained (pool toys for sharing are mandatory, because…toddlers). These ladies will help carry you through summer because while the days are long and the years are short – the summer days are especially long. So. Very. Long.

Fit Mom Groups

Do you love your splash pad/pool mom group but hate all that comes with warm weather? You know, tank tops, shorts…. SWIMWEAR. Face it, we live in the south and we can’t get by wearing yoga pants in July. For the moms that want a group of ladies who will help them tighten and tone there are several fit mom groups in the area. These moms band together in the park, at the gym or at one another’s home to shape up. They build each other up to help meet goals that don’t involve getting your child to try a new vegetable (just one bite…please!)

Park Mom Group

The park mom group…where everyone knows your name because your likely to hear, “hey mom! Watch this!” as your 3-foot child decides to try the monkey bars for the first time at Fairhoper’s Community Park. This group of mom gets it because at least one of them has snatched their child up as they walk in front of the swings.

Sport Mom Group

The phrase “Ball Mom” also applies and these ladies will be on the sidelines with you cheering on the youngins’. Lined up on the sidelines or the bleachers, you’ll catch up with your girls as the kids toss, tackle and kick balls across the field.

Coupon Mom Group

What’s on Publix’s BOGO this week? Spare some Kohl’s cash? Coupon binder getting low? These ladies have your back and your wallet (ok, not literally) and are on the same sales page with you about saving some dollars.

So go on and get out there! Belonging to a mom group knows no bounds. Join one or join twenty. It doesn’t matter as long as you and your fellow moms enjoy each other’s company and it helps if your children like each other as well.



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