Ways to Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner. It’s a time to celebrate dad and all that he does for you and the family. While a new tie and a personalized watch make for good gifts, there are many more ways to tell dad “I love you.” Whether this is his first Father’s Day or fifteenth, this list is sure to make him feel special.

Give him the day off – He works tirelessly day in and day out to take care of his family. Give him a day (or maybe the whole weekend) free from his fatherly duties. Let him sleep in, have older children take over his chores, leave the handyman jobs for another day – or surprise him by taking care of them yourself! Give dad the day off to kick his feet up and relax.

Do what he wants to do – His favorite pastime may not be your favorite activities, but show him how important he is by doing what he wants to do anyway. Go out fishing, catch a ball game, or maybe leave him alone for some peace and relaxation. Instead of surprising him with a full day planned, ask him what he wants to do.

Remind him why he’s special – Praise the heck out of him today. Let him know that you don’t take for granted his sacrifices and his perseverance. Help your children make specialized cards from them telling him why he’s so important. If you’re really feeling crafty, you can put together a scrapbook of dad moments from the last year – the big, the funny, the emotional, all of them.

Get him talking – What dad doesn’t love to talk about himself and the glory days? Turn off the television and the cell phones and sit around together to talk to dad. Listen as he tells stories of his childhood. Ask him about his goals and what his dreams were when he was a kid. Let him know that you care by really listening to what he’s got to say.

Simple acts of kindness – Even small things can make a person feel special. Make your daily tasks centered around him. You have to eat, so eat dad’s favorite meal for dinner with his favorite dessert. Dad’s car needs washing but he doesn’t have time to do it, so do it for him. Rent his favorite movie or find his favorite game and all play together. The small things let him know that you were thinking of him.

Plan dates – Don’t let Father’s Day be the only day that dad is reminded of your love for him and his importance to the family. Give him a coupon book full of activities that he can cash in on at any time. Plan a romantic date for the two of you and help the kids pick out special activities to do one-on-one with dad. This gift keeps on giving as dad is reminded that he is important on days that aren’t Father’s day, too.

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