The Best Things About the Beach Now That Tourist Season is Over

If you are one of the many people who visit the Gulf Coast in the summer then you can stop reading. I’m joking. You can continue, but promise me you won’t tell anyone else that now is the best time to visit the beach.

No More Gridlock
Three Words: No More Traffic. Ok, there is some traffic still on the roads but that is mainly due to us locals. Heck, we’re only going to the places we have avoided for the last three months. Not only is Highway 59 a smoother drive but so is the main drag from Gulf Shores to Perdido Key.

No Reservations
People from all over the country (and in some cases, the world) come for our beautiful beaches. Another thing they come for? The food. Most importantly, seafood. But nothing is worse than hitting up your regular lunch spot only to wait three or more hours to SIT and eat something that is literally swimming just yards away from you. Where’s my fishing pole? I’ll just go catch it myself.

The Weather and the Water
Pro-tip: it’s best to go to the beach in the offseason because the water is at its most beautiful. I’m sure there is an oceanic/meteorological professional explanation for this but I’ll just choose to believe Mother Nature is saving her best for us locals.

And not only is the water gorgeous but each day (when there isn’t an approaching hurricane) it is more beautiful than next. Instead of the heat and humidity; we get breezes and below 80-degree temps.

You Don’t Hate Shopping Anymore
If the simplest trip to, I don’t know, anywhere, reminds you of Black Friday; then your quick shopping trip turns into what nightmares are made of. You encounter a trifecta of traffic, tourists and sweltering heat that is enough to make you question why you left the house.

We Get the Best Festivals
Don’t get me wrong, The Hangout Festival sounds amazing. But I don’t think I am up for schmoozing and sweating with a 1,000 millennials for three days. That is why the Gulf Coast’s selection of fall festivals is one of the best things about tourist season being over. From seafood to craft beer and wine you can bet there’s a festival for it this fall.

You Can Finally Stretch Out
Remember that time you went to the beach and you were crammed in between a bloated Jimmy Buffett look alike and that family reunion with the 15 kids? That was awesome. Stop lying, no it wasn’t. Well, now that the tourists have left town, that means the beach is your domain. Go there any time of day on any day of the week and the beach will be all yours with the exception of a few locals doing the same.
But seriously, we love the tourists like we love our mother-in-law. They keep us company when they visit but we love it more when they leave.

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