Why Fall in The South is Basically Summer with Pumpkins

It’s that time of year again…the pumpkin lattes are being poured, there’s a breeze in the air, you’ve lit your fall harvest scented candle and now you can sit back and enjoy the season. Except it’s not even 10 AM and you’ve already broken a sweat. Welcome to fall in the South! It may be October but the temperature outside says it’s the middle of July.

It’s Cooler on the Surface of the Sun

Hot weather is synonymous with the South and normally, it’s January by the time we experience fall-ish weather. And when the weather does begin to cool, we get all the seasons in the span of a week.

Fall Foliage? Never Heard of It

Northerners have the advantage of seeing the leaves change into colors of amber and a fiery red. Our fall foliage? It consists of pine needles blanketing the ground leaving a skinny, bare naked looking tree.

We Enjoy the Cool Breezes of a Hurricane

Unfortunately, hurricane season is still a thing until November. Our ears perk up anytime the meteorologist says the word “disturbance”. While the dropping temps bring in cooler air up North, the closest we get to a fall breeze is the wind from a hurricane.

Shorts and Flip Flops All Day, Everyday…Until December, Maybe

Sure, me-maw knitted you a cute scarf and matching hat but you probably won’t wear it until February. And your favorite leggings and alma mater sweatshirt? Might as well leave those packed up. Down here shorts and flip-flops are the official Southern uniform…until it cools to 60 degrees. Then you can break out the parka.

All the Bugs

The sun has begun to set for the evening. You and your family decide to enjoy the semi-cool weather on the back porch. Except, now instead of slapping on the sunscreen you are STILL smacking mosquitoes. Get back to enjoying the outdoors by calling Safety First Pest Control to remove those and any other pests you may have.

The Beach is Still a Thing

Right about now, our Northern friends are enjoying campfires, s’mores and a friendly game of football. Well, we are too, except we’re doing it at the beach wearing our swim shorts and sippin’ on a smoothie from Agape Juices. The water has yet to cool below 70 degrees and you better believe we are will squeeze in our vitamin sea as long as we can.

The Ride on Hay, We Decorate It

Nothing like putting out your best fall decorations and breaking a sweat. Sticking a bale of hay in your front yard with a store bought scarecrow is essential to Southern decorating. And while the idea sitting on a bale of hay in a wagon in the heat may sound like a good time…. we’d rather put a chevron bow on it and call it decoration.
Oh sure, there are some bright spots to enjoying fall in the south. Football season begins, the fairs start to arrive and no one bats an eyelash as you drink a margarita during a hayride.

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