Beach in the Fall

It is the most wonderful time of the year! No, not that time. Not yet anyway (despite what you may see in the stores). For us down here on the Gulf Coast we have a little secret we’ve been keeping to ourselves. The beach in the fall is pretty magical. Sure, the idea of salt water and pumpkin lattes may seem like an odd mix, but they go together like gumbo and hot sauce (sort of).

Fewer Crowds
There is a reason why the entire country seems to find their way to the Gulf Coast every summer. The sand, the surf and the food are just some of the reasons but I really like to believe it is the hospitality. I mean, it is pretty nice of us to share this slice of heaven with the rest of the world. So, we let them enjoy it for a few months out of the year. But, after Labor Day the beach becomes ours again. We have full access to all of our favorite hot spots and we can stretch out on our towels without rubbing elbows with our beach neighbors.

No Lines, No Problem
Thinking about taking a break from the beach to visit activities on land? While the water parks may have closed for the season, we get to do all the fun stuff customarily occupied by the tourists. No more lines for miniature golf and the kids have a full range of the arcades. But best of all, no more ridiculously long wait times at the restaurants. I’m sorry, but if I have to wait over an hour for a shrimp po’boy, I will buy a net and get the shrimp out of the Gulf of Mexico myself.

The Weather is Beautiful
Ok, the hurricane season does begin to wind down during the fall so there is a chance it could be frightful. Until then, we’re enjoying the breezes, the reduced humidity and near perfect water temperatures.

The Festivals
If we ever see any nonlocals in the fall, it’s probably because they are here for some of our awesome festivals. Just name any seafood and chances are we have a festival for it. We celebrate everything from crawfish, shrimp and oysters with plenty of activities and music to match. Head down to the Foo Foo Festival in Pensacola for a 12-day celebration of culture, food and fun.

And don’t forget to hydrate when you visit one of the many festivals. The fall season means nothing to the beach because it is still 80 degrees outside. If you want to break away from your usual beverage choices, then stop by Peak Alkalinity in Fairhope. Purchase one their portable H2O To Go bottles so you can enjoy alkaline water anytime and anywhere.

The fall season usually conjures up the thought of pumpkins and fall colors dancing in your head. And sure, it’s hard to get a store-bought scarecrow to stay up in the sand but one thing you can count on is how amazing the beach is during the fall.

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