Y’all, can we talk the mosquitos for a second? Yes, we are in full-fledged holiday mode and we still have to deal with these annoying, little leeches. But why? Don’t they know the lightning bugs have packed up and gone home for the year? Everything else in the animal kingdom has started to hibernate so why aren’t they? I got two words for you: The South.

While the Seasons Change, Everything Stays the Same
We should all know by now that just because summer is over in the South, nothing changes. It’s still pretty toasty outside, we’re applying sunscreen by the gallons and we always wear our flip flops. This also means our BFFs, the mosquitoes, are still swarming. Mosquitoes prefer warm climates (yay, us!) and love to set up shop in open bodies of water. This means our lakes, ponds and unused kiddie pools (that was $15.00 well spent…insert eyeroll) are susceptible to being taken over by scourges of mosquitoes. The only way to beat these little guys at their own game is to use environmentally friendly mosquito dunks and to empty those unused plastic wading pools.

If you’ve had all you can take from mosquitoes, give the guys at Safety First Pest Control a call. They have tools you need to rid your home of these swarming suckers once and for all. They can also treat your home for any other annoying pests you may have.

There is an Ecological Benefit for Mosquitos
Ok, despite the fact they leave itchy, annoying little bumps on the skin that irritate the dickens out of you, these little pests are beneficial to our ecosystem. Of course, this is no benefit to them (that’s payback you tiny aeronautical bloodsuckers). These guys are a vital food source for fish and other insects. A mosquito’s larvae are aquatic meaning it thrives in the water and basically becomes a buffet of sorts for fish. And not only do fish find mosquitoes tasty, so do birds, spiders and other insects. Without these flying feeders as a food source, the numbers of species dependent on them would begin to decline. And I don’t want to live in a world without beautiful birds and fried fish (but spiders, I can do without you).

The End is NearHere is something you probably didn’t know: mosquitoes are cold-blooded. Once the temps hit 50 degrees, they close up shop and hibernate until the temperatures rise again. So judging by our recent weather, we should see some reprieve from mosquitoes in January, perhaps?

While the mosquitoes have taken over nearly every inch of your backyard, I’ll bet you one place they have yet to show up….the beautiful courtyard at NoJa. Enjoy a meal and a glass of wine in the company of good friends without worrying about being bitten from head to toe.

Don’t worry, soon enough it will begin to feel less like the Fourth of July and you will finally get some reprieve from mosquitoes. Until then, pass the bug spray.

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