7 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Nothing like waiting till the last minute to start holiday shopping, am I right? Sure, it was nice watching Christmas movies in your jammies while everyone froze outside waiting on those Black Friday deals. But guess what, those people are DONE with their lists and you…well, you haven’t even started. That’s ok because you still have time to get some last minute gifts for everyone on your list.

Get on everyone’s nice list by gifting a nice bottle of wine, vodka, bourbon or whiskey (trust me, the list could go on). Pair the liquor of choice with bar accessories or glassware.

Alcohol not the recipient’s fare? Then food, glorious food, always makes a good gift option. Visit local bakeries for freshly baked loaves of bread or cupcakes.

Coffee Items
Just about anyone who works has kids or breathes needs coffee in their life to function. Gifting local brews or even a new French press will give those java lovers the jolt they need.

So what happens if the recipient is a recovering alcoholic, on a diet and hates coffee? Well, I have a pretty good feeling they wear clothes (at least here’s hoping). Clothes, hats, gloves or any other kind of warm weather attire can make a good gift. Because if they do enjoy being in the buff, then at least be a good friend and make sure they’re warm.

Gift Cards
Some people think gift cards are an impersonal gift. And you don’t need that negativity in your life because they probably give terrible gifts (monogrammed socks…just what I need said no one ever).
A gift card to NoJa makes the perfect present for anyone looking for a night out on the town. Gift card values start at $50 and can go up to $200 (for that really, REALLY special person).
Have a friend who talks endlessly about starting a health regime in the new year? Peak Alkalinity currently offers a monthly membership for those wanting to unwind and destress. The ionized water dealer also has several products for those on-the-go folks in your life.

Local Gifts
Here in Mobile and the Eastern Shore, we have some of the best artists in the country. Everything from jewelry, candles, and art can be found in many of these local shops. Urban Emporium offers a wide selection of gifts from local artisans.

Ok, get your mind out of the gutter (unless this gift is for a certain someone then you can go ahead and leave it there). But seriously, why not give your time, your talents or just yourself to anyone who may be of need this holiday. Give a mom friend a night off from moving that damn elf and take her out for drinks, or treat that friend who goes the extra mile and you probably owe $20 bucks.
Take pride in your procrastination. They’ll never know that you spent zero time or effort picking out that perfect gift. What matters is that you remembered and thought of them this holiday season.

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