Southern Drinks You Should Be Serving at Your Mardi Gras Party

When the Mardi Gras season rolls into town, so do an endless amount of parties and king cakes (So. Much. King Cake.). And just like any good host, you have to have an epic assortment of cocktails on hand for your partygoers. Give your guests something good to sip on at your next Mardi Gras party with any one of these festive drinks.

Hurricane – Serve your guests a Category 5 of a good time with this New Orleans original. With max sustained alcohol content at a boozy high, (ok, I’ll stop with the hurricane puns…for now) thanks to the mix of dark and white rum along with a splash of fruit juices this drink will surely be a hit.

Sazerac – This quintessential Big Easy beverage has a long history in the French Quarter. Bring it back over to Mobile Bay and your guests will love the mix of absinthe, whiskey and bitters.

Mint Julep – A classic Southern drink that is normally associated with horse races and ridiculously decorated hats, fits in just nicely at any Mardi Gras party. Just mix a little bit of bourbon, sugar, water, shaved ice, mint and you are off to the races.

Bushwacker – If a Frappuccino and Piña Colada got together and had a baby, that baby’s name would be Bushwacker. This drink is a Gulf Coast favorite and with good reason…it’s basically a glorified, alcohol-infused, adults only chocolate milkshake.

Bloody Mary – Whether you are waking up from a night of debauchery or just getting your party started, a Bloody Mary is a perfect excuse to day drink.

King Cake Martini – Who doesn’t love a good King Cake? If you don’t, then we can’t be friends. Kidding. Ok, maybe I’m not, but you can redeem yourself by serving King Cake martinis at your next party. This down South drink has the flavors of the seasonal pastry but without the need of a fork (unless, you are like someone, who will go unmentioned, who stuffs the whole thing in her mouth). Bonus points: you don’t have to worry about guests swallowing the baby.

Daiquiri – No ginormous slushy machine is needed for your own version of this Bourbon Street classic. A sturdy blender, rum and a blend of fruit juices come together for a guarantee “knock their socks off” cocktail.

Painkiller – Party guest with a headache? Pass on the pills and serve them this rum and pineapple concoction instead.

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Let the good times roll on at your next Mardi Gras bash with these classic cocktails. Just remember, you *may* be held responsible for any socks that are actually knocked off.

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