Delicious Southern Cooking in Town

One of the first questions visitors usually ask us Southerners is: “Where can I get a good meal around here?” Your mind quickly scrolls through all the delectable options available, leaving you to ponder, “Should I share my secrets for the best place for oysters?” Of course! Sharing is caring down here in Lower Alabama and we can’t keep all the delicious fried goodness to ourselves. Here is a roundup of the best places for delicious Southern cooking around town.


Now, I know what your thinking…how can a trendy, Mediterranean-Asia fusion restaurant be the go-to place for Southern cooking? Look, just because something isn’t deep fried and swimming in gravy doesn’t mean it can’t be Southern. NoJa cooks up a delicious assortment of seafood dishes with shrimp straight from the Gulf. Dine in their trendy cafe style restaurant.


Ready to get your Cajun food fix? Boudreaux’s in Daphne has a variety of Louisiana-inspired dishes along with a fabulous view of the Mobile Bay. Appetizers include blackened gator and the restaurant’s own Swamp Cakes which are fried boudin cakes topped with a crab and spinach cream sauce. Boudreaux’s lunch and entrée option cover the Cajun gamut of everything from crawfish etouffee, Po’Boys, oyster dishes and of course, beignets for dessert.

Mama’s on Dauphin

Pack your stretchy pants because you will need them after a visit to Mama’s on Dauphin. This downtown staple has all the Southern comfort food you know and love. Along with some dishes you’ve probably never heard of before. I’ll take two servings of the buffalo crawfish, please and thank you.


Home of the flamin’ oysters and fabulous views is the Bluegill restaurant. Take your pick of one of the local institution’s famous seafood dishes including fresh fish, gumbo, shrimp, and of course those fabulous flamin’ oysters. Bluegill also offers up a fried alligator plate (proving a terrifying animal is actually pretty delicious).

Sugar Kettle Café

Housed in a precious bungalow off of Highway 98 in Daphne (and conveniently located right behind Target…wink, wink) is the Sugar Kettle Café. Get your breakfast and lunch fix at this humble eatery with menu offerings such as biscuits and gravy (drool), country fried steak (double drool) and shrimp and grits (ok, now I need a napkin).

Feeling a bit parched after indulging in all of those Southern dishes? Quench your palette by visiting Peak Alkalinity in Fairhope for the best selection of alkaline water products.

Ok, so who’s hungry and more importantly, who’s paying? Visit any one of these fabulous local eateries for some satisfying Southern cooking (and don’t forget those stretchy pants).

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