Spring Break Ideas in Lower Alabama

Spring Break, a parent’s preamble to summer vacation, is right around the corner. Sure, you could round up the kids, pack the minivan, drive 10 hours to Disney and sweat your butt off while spending the equivalent to a down payment. But what if this year you made it a staycation and kept things in the confines of Lower Alabama? Check out this list of Spring Break ideas to keep everyone in your brood entertained.


I know what you’re thinking…the last thing kids want to do during Spring Break is learn. But here’s the thing, getting out and physically showing them where history happened can leave a pretty big impact. Take a tour of the USS Alabama Battleship or get a real sense of claustrophobia inside the USS Drum. Not a fan of tight spaces? Step inside the Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion for some up close and personal displays of wartime aviation. Visit The Fort of Colonial Mobile or the Carnival Museum for a history lesson on the origins of Mardi Gras. And if your kids want to learn about a warrior, the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center has the Genghis Khan exhibit.

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Life’s really a beach sometimes…especially in Lower Alabama. Just a few miles south are the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Make is a lazy beach day by hanging out at Alabama Point or the newly renovated Lagoon Pass Park. Hit up some of the local beach shops or visit restaurants such as The Hangout and The Gulf. Both eateries are the perfect family-friendly spots where you can sit back and enjoy the view.

Dauphin Island

If you want to spend time at the beach for Spring Break but without everyone else in the country, then hop on the Mobile Bay Ferry to Dauphin Island. Home to around 1,200 residents, Dauphin Island has plenty of restaurants, activities and shops to keep you fed and happy during your visit. For example, Indian Shell Mound Park or perhaps the Sand Island Lighthouse would be the perfect places to visit.

Fort Morgan

Need a break from being a total beach bum? Head over to Fort Morgan which is driving distance from Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. This stretch of white, sandy beaches has history and beauty (think of it as a two for one). Take a tour of the Fort Morgan Historic Site or if you want to totally wear the kids out, venture through Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge’s six miles of trails.

Art Camps

Many of our area libraries and local art shops are willing to take the reins and show the kids the ways of a paintbrush. Art camps are a great way to get their hands off of the iPad onto paper or canvas. The Art Wide Open Studio in Fairhope, AL  has the space available for all sorts of events.  And while the kids are squared away, treat yourself by visiting Fountain of Youth for a quick spa visit.

We spend our days running in the same circles that sometimes it better to stay put. This year, why not spend your Spring Break close by with the ones who are closest to you.

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