How to Put a “Spring” in Your Step

Oh, spring…the season for warmer temps, crawfish and pollen that hits you in the face like sinus-clogging confetti. You’re fuller from the holidays, your home is still covered in beads from Mardi Gras and where has this left you? Perpetually face planted on the couch. Do better by putting a spring back in your step!

Log Off and Get Out

Sure, you’ve spent most of winter bundled up on the couch cruising social media, but all that screen time has drained your soul just a bit. While it may seem like everyone is having a more fabulous time than you (even MeMaw with that bunco old lady mob she hangs out with), it is possible to have a life again. Think of every minute you’ve spent glued to your phone…yeah, it’s a lot isn’t? Instead use those minutes in some form of physical or social activity. Mingle at a mixer or devote the time you normally spent online at the gym.

Overhaul Your Diet

I know you caught about two years’ worth of Moon Pies at Mardi Gras but despite their impressive shelf-life, they should actually be shelved indefinitely. This isn’t about going on a diet but changing your diet completely. Carbs are delicious and sometimes, the best ones make you feel pretty. In reality all of that isl short-lived after you have crash landed into your bed at 3 pm. Find the foods that you actually enjoy eating that have a heaping side of health benefits.

Make it About You (for once)

The cold winter weather may left you a bit pasty with a few dry patches and oh, my have you seen your feet?? Seriously, they could qualify as stand-ins for Bilbo Baggins. Take a minute (a few hours, days even) to treat yourself! Try a new hairstyle, get that much, much needed pedicure or stop by Fountain of Youth for one of their fabulous yoga sessions. You will quickly see that treating yourself never looked so good.

Get Clean

Quit trying to convince yourself that those Mardi Gras beads bring you joy, they don’t! Even though you did strong-arm a 5 year-old to get them, they’ll just end up as another object you’re constantly picking up off the floor. You may have heard the term, “A clutter space leaves a cluttered mind” (OK, just kidding you’ve never heard it before because I just made that up). But it does make sense, right? Think about how a messy home makes you feel. Anxious? Tired? Generally in a grumpy mood? If you marked “yes” to each one of these then you may have a cluttered home. Label boxes as “Donate”, “Throw Away” and “Keep”. Organize them biggest to smallest so the “Keep” stuff stays at a minimum. (I know those Moon Pies don’t take up a lot of space, but you’re still throwing them away.)

Just because it’s spring that doesn’t mean you have to feel “sprung out”! By unplugging, changing your eating habits, treating yourself and decluttering you will be on your way to jumpstarting a better quality of life.

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