7 reasons you should relocate to Mobile and Baldwin County

Have you ever driven across the Bayway and thought to yourself, “Man, I should have taken the Causeway today”?  Ok, we’ve ALL thought that but if you live out of state or in a neighboring county you’ve probably also thought, “Mobile and Baldwin County…what’s up with those places?” Are they really that fabulous and do they have enough to offer me? Yes, yes they are fabulous and heck yeah, they have everything you probably didn’t know you needed. Here are seven reasons why you should relocate to Mobile and Baldwin County (why 7 and not 10? Because momma doesn’t like a bragger).


Education and jobs opportunities both rank pretty high on the list for the reasons to move to either Mobile or Baldwin County. The Baldwin County School District ranks as one of the best in the state. The Coast Guard, Austal and Airbus employ people by thousands from across the country and around the world.

Entertainment Happenings

Don’t even look at me if you say you’re bored after spending a weekend in Mobile or Baldwin County. These places offer so much to do that your only struggle is trying to fit it all in! If someone isn’t hosting a festival then a business is holding a grand opening. Once that is finished, you know there will be a party and of course, everyone is invited.

The Glorious Food

Down here in Lower Alabama, we love food about as much as we love Jesus. If you’re going to serve biscuits then they better be good enough to share with the Lord. Food is love and you can taste it in dishes served by local eateries in Mobile and Baldwin County.  


Raise your hand if you consider yourself a shopaholic. Mobile and Baldwin County have a little bit of everything for your favorite fashionista. The local boutiques and antique shops in Midtown and Downtown Mobile love catering to those who would rather spend the day shopping locally than clicking away online.


History buffs flock to Mobile and Baldwin County because of their deep roots in our country’s French, Spanish and Native American history. Fun fact: the town of Mobile is older (and smells better) than New Orleans. 

Mobile residents also love to humbly brag about being the birthplace of Mardi Gras. Sure, the city to the west has the most well-known and biggest Mardi Gras but we don’t have to show skin to get our beads.


If you already live in the South then you know it’s hotter than a furnace (and pretty much all year…except for 4 days in January). But that means it’s flip flop season pretty all year and I think anyone can get behind that idea.


Think about it…would you want to stay in a stagnant situation or move to a place where the future’s so bright that you need to wear shades (because it’s also hot and sunny 360 days out of the year)? Both Mobile and Baldwin County are growing in leaps and bounds and you’ll need springboard just to catch up.

So come on down to Mobile and Baldwin County. No matter the reason you chose, we’ll be happy to have you over. 

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