5 Ways to Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

Just as you’re recovering from the multiple mimosas you had on Mother’s Day…guess what, you’ve got another holiday on the horizon. Yep, dear ol’ dad has his own day coming up, but what do you get a guy who has a lifetime supply of ties, bottles on bottles of unused cologne and more hunting equipment than there is deer in the state of Alabama? Well, you get him out of that recliner and give him an experience he won’t forget!

Fishing Trip

It goes without saying that living on the Gulf Coast and fishing go hand-in-hand (or reel-in hand…see what I did there). Take dad on a deep sea fishing trip in Gulf Shores or cruise the waters of the Mobile Bay. You may not catch anything but your day will be filled with memories.

Pub Crawl

Cool down with your old man at some of Mobile’s hottest local pubs. The Port City has recently become a pub hub of sorts with the opening of new brew spots around town. Places such as Serda Brewing on Government Street, Haint Blue on Monroe Street, Iron Hand Brewing in Detonti Square and Fairhope Brewing Company all offer on-the-spot brewed beer. Loda Bier Garten has locations in West Mobile and on Dauphin Street with both offering over 100 beers on tap.

Hit the Links

Let dad continue his beer-filled adventure with a trip to the golf course (just make sure you drive the golf cart). He can practice being his inner Jack Nicklaus while practicing his backswing. If you want to be deemed “the favorite” treat him to a round at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Magnolia Grove, a recently renovated course with 54 holes surrounded by beautiful landscaping.


Ok, while it may sound like his worst nightmare, make this shopping trip all about him! Take him to his favorite hunting store, pro shop, home improvement place, sports store or anywhere that makes that giant heart of his pitter-patter. He’ll have the time of life looking at what HE wants to and it gives him a day off from holding your purse.

Do Something Nice

Ok, by nice I don’t mean clipping his toenails. What I’m saying is do something “nicer” than what he’s accustomed. Granted, you’ll have to use special forces to fight the resistance but in the end, he’ll love the change in routine. Start the day with a classic barbershop shave and hair trim. Next, treat him to a nice dinner at NoJa followed by drinks and cigars at a local cigar bar.

Dads are pretty special guys and that’s why they deserve the best. They’re our heroes, our protectors, Mr. Fix-It and, sometimes, he’s also Mr. Mom. But most importantly he’s the guy who has your back. And while he tries to play the tough guy, we all know daddies are nothing but pudgy, barbeque-scented, big softies and we love them.

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