Tips to Make Your July 4th Sparkle, Not Fizzle

The Fourth of July is considered by some to be the top dog of summer holidays. You have all of the makings for a good time rolled into one day (minus football). Food, drinking and fireworks are synonymous with the holiday, but the fun can quickly fizzle if you are not on your A-game. Make your July 4th dazzle like a roman candle by following these helpful tips!

Don’t Lose a Hand

Nothing ruins an Independence Day party like a firework accident. Use firework safety practices by having a designated (sober and adult) firework administrator and keeping items away from:

  • Small Children
  • Drunk Uncles (or any impaired person for that matter)
  • That cousin who *really* enjoys lighting matches

Other “handy” firework tips (see what I did there?)

  • Keep a bucket of water nearby, or preferably a hose with a spray nozzle
  • Don’t point a firework at anyone or any living thing or even objects. Fireworks are meant to be viewed from afar, not up-close-and-personal.
  • Make sure they’re legal. Fireworks made non-professionally are more likely to send you or your friends to the hospital. Purchase your holiday pyrotechnics from professionals.

Drink Responsibly. Not Ridiculously.

It’s pretty easy to get carried away with the Fourth of July festivities of fireworks and ice-cold beverages. It’s also easy for you to get carried away by the cops for overindulging and irresponsibly using fireworks. Most of the more powerful fireworks need a licensed professional to be present. Most municipal jurisdictions also do not allow fireworks to be used without a permit within city limits. It’s best to be as far away from the public as possible when shooting fireworks. Police units around the country are highly alert to any public disturbances during the biggest of summer holidays. Drive the speed limit, always have a designated driver and don’t drive on the beach!

Plan a Manageable Spread

You’ve spent months on Pinterest pinning away those super delicious recipes for your star-spangled celebration. But where do you start? The red, white and blue fruit kabobs? The sheet cake decorated like an American flag?? Keep calm, plan a simple spread and don’t freak out if your sandwiches for the kids aren’t star-shaped. Honestly, they only care if it’s not pimento cheese (which means more for you). You can make the meal fun by having a hot dog bar full of toppings such as chili, relish, onions and a smorgasbord of other condiments.

Plan an Escape Route

No, I’m not referring to the party your neighbor invited you to that quickly went downhill after she got into those appletinis. Think about that fireworks show you thought was a good idea at the time. What lasted about six minutes ends up feeling like six years when the whole crowd descends on the parking lot at the same time. All the excitement will quickly fade as you sit in the car waiting for someone, anyone, to let you out. Oh, and someone will HAVE to potty regardless of how many times you asked. My tip? Park furthest out from the show (and the crowd) and stay close to your vehicle so you can try to be the first ones to exit.

Remember, the Fourth of July is more than another summer holiday. It’s the one time of year we come together to throw a party for America with our closest friends and family. It is also a pretty good excuse to drink and blow things up (it’s what the forefathers would want, but responsibly!).

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