Holiday Madness – Tips to Staying Stress Free

It’s here. The season our children love, but we parents spend running around losing our minds for almost two months trying to ensure sheer perfection for our little ones. With a new baby in the house, life is already a bit more hectic than usual. To say it might make this holiday season a bit more of a challenge would be an understatement. But, I’ve come prepared for the holiday madness and am here to share my tips for staying stress free with all of you who may already be feeling the anxiety of the upcoming days!

Tips to Staying Stress Free this Holiday Season

First things first, make a list. You might think you don’t need to make a list and that you are able to remember everything you need to accomplish during the busiest time of the year! But you may be surprised how helpful it is to make a to-do list. From buying gifts, holiday parties and everything in-between, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. Making a list (and checking it twice) will help you stay organized and stress free during this holiday season.

Say no to long lines and the stressful shopping times. Holiday shopping is great. I love seeing the stores decked in holiday decor, and hearing Christmas music on the radio. But the huge crowds on weekends and after work can make holiday shopping incredibly stressful. So, unless you just absolutely love the stressful shopping times, kick them to the curb. Long lines and overcrowded shopping areas are a surefire way to kick the stress levels up a few notches. Avoid the lines by running your errands early in the day or shopping online!

Know your limits. Unfortunately, there is only one of you and that remains during the holiday season. You can’t be everywhere at once. So, know that is is definitely okay to say no! If you can’t make it to a friends holiday party due to prior arrangements, send kind regards and they will definitely understand. There’s no point in stressing yourself out when you simply just can’t do everything!

Get Focused. Keep in mind the reason behind the season. Don’t spend all of your time stressing out about gifts and parties. Focus on spending time with your loved ones and making the most out of the holiday season together.So, when life hands you grapes this holiday season head to the mall and purchase a gift for yourself just not during rush hour!

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