Ways to Kick off the New Year

Ways to Kick off the New Year

As the New Year begins to roll out, so do the resolutions. Sure, every year you SAY you’re going to exercise more and eat healthier, but what if you went in a whole different direction? Like, instead of taking the Bay Way of starting off the New Year, the long and accident prone way, you take an alternate path, like the Causeway route of starting the New Year. You know, same direction but with better views and less chaos. Here are some ways you can kick off the New Year on the right foot.

Treat Yo’ Self!

After spending the season (and all of your money) on loved ones, it’s time to switch gears and start thinking about who really comes first…you, of course! Admit it: If you don’t put yourself first more often, then you’ll always end up second (or dead last or just dead). Start by upgrading your health with a visit to Peak Alkalinity in Fairhope for a taste of the detoxifying benefits of ionized alkaline water. And, while you are on the fresh-tasting bandwagon, finish your day with a meal at NoJa in Downtown Mobile. Their menu offers an eclectic fusion of delicious Mediterranean and Asian dishes.

Fix Your Finances

Filling up on your holiday favorites may have left you with an empty wallet. So, now is the time to fix those finances! Care Financial has a staff of financial gurus who can help with your investment planning, retirement, debt and even insurance policies. 

Freshen Up Your Home

Here’s a quick and easy design tip: Take your home and throw it out, the whole thing, all at once. Then visit Home Design Center and Direct Design Group with Lolie and Mo in Foley for inspirations to update your space. Their interior design experts can help you revamp any room with a wide selection of design accents, furniture, lighting fixtures and more.

And speaking of freshening things up, schedule an appointment with Keith Air Conditioning. These guys know a thing or two about improving the air quality in your home. Brighten up your home’s exterior and interior by calling the pros at Professional Electric for LED outdoor and indoor lighting.

You spent the entire holiday season cleaning your plate (with no shame, thank you stretchy pants), so now it’s time to start the New Year with a clean slate. You know, start fresh, set goals! New Year, new you! And if you’re a business owner, don’t let the stress of the New Year kick you in the pants…get on the right foot this year with Southern View Media!

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