A Weekend Away in Mobile, Alabama

A Weekend Away in Mobile, Alabama

Who doesn’t need a vacation? Weekends away are the best for some much needed vacation time without taking time off. If you feel like you’re falling into a pattern or getting into a rut, a weekend across the bay could be just what you need. Looking forward to your getaway will release endorphins that will get you back to feeling stress free. So sit down and buckle up, because I’m about to show you the best weekend away in the best place possible. 

So… if you’re looking for a getaway, look no further! Mobile, Alabama, is the place to be. From the art museums and historic architecture to the opera and ballet company, there’s something for everyone. And don’t forget the nightlife, Mobile has it all. The Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa is a great place to stay for the weekend. They offer a pool, fitness center, are pet friendly and have (my personal favorite) a full spa! You can also make a reservation at The Trellis Room restaurant inside the hotel or enjoy the lounge and some cocktails.

Once you’re settled in make plans to attend the Mobile Symphony Orchestra at the Saenger Theater. They put on amazing concerts and productions. Check out their schedule for this season: Concert Calendar & Tickets

Now let’s talk about all the history packed into this place. Some of my favorite museums to visit are:

  1. The Mobile Carnival Museum: this museum shows the history of the Carnival tradition in Mobile. Because we will all go to our graves screaming that Mardi Gras originated in Mobile and NOT New Orleans. 
  2. The Gulf Coast Exploreum: yes it’s for kids and, yes, it’s the greatest place ever. Go as an adult and have a good time. 
  3. The Mobile Medical Museum: is pretty high on my list. It’s full of fascinating medical artifacts from the past. 
  4. My personal favorite museum is the Battleship USS Alabama. It is a WWII submarine, a B52D bomber, Air Force and Coast Guard rescue aircraft museum. It is an amazing experience that you have to visit for yourself.

Mobile is also well known for its cuisine! Here are my suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Spot of Tea, The Ruby Slipper Cafe and Brick and Spoon are all great choices for breakfast in Mobile. These locales are also known for being locals favorite brunch spots. For lunch, I would suggest Loda Bier Garten or Dauphin’s. They are both super great family friendly places to get some lunch. For dinner, I only have one and only one suggestion: NoJa. NoJa offers beautiful, tasty and fresh food. Be sure to try their famous Altieri cocktail. Their entire menu will make you want to slap your mama. 
What better way to enjoy the nightlife in Mobile, AL, other than Alchemy Tavern and Hayley’s Bar. These are two amazing places that are a locals favorite. If you want something close to your hotel, Royal Street Tavern is connected to the Battle House and is also a great choice! If you follow these suggestions you should expect to go back to work on Monday refreshed and ready to conquer your job only to count down the days until it’s Friday again.

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