Celebrating Easter Quarantine Syle

Quarantine: Day 26

If you’re anything like me then you’ve lost all track of time. You don’t know what time it is and you keep mistaking Tuesday for Wednesday. You don’t know the last time your house was quiet. You don’t remember a time that you weren’t telling your kids to go play outside. But what you do know is: Easter is on it’s way! Being stuck in the house all day with the only people in the world that can LITERALLY annoy you to death isn’t easy. So let me share with y’all what I’ve been planning to do to keep Easter somewhat calm and organized.

I have created a list. It’s a list of random, fun things to do to keep my family busy on Easter. No one is going to be bored on Easter, we are going to be completing the whole list in one day.

So here it is for y’all: The Easter List

  1. Easter Egg Hunt – okay so I decided this year to do it indoors. Ours will be simple. But for all of you over achievers they have some really great ideas for indoors Easter Egg hunting on Good House Keeping’s Website.
  2. Dye Easter Eggs– If you haven’t dyed Easter eggs with your kids yet, what better time than on Easter day?
  3. Go For a Walk –In your Easter clothes. Say hi to everyone while maintaining the 6 foot apart guideline! 
  4. Eat a Snack -okay, so what if all you eat today is chocolate, peeps and sweet tarts? Don’t judge me, Chocolate goes nicely with my wine, it’s Easter!
  5. Build a Fort – Grab the pillow and blankets! We are building a fort! Then we are going to crawl inside and read our bibles and say something we are thankful for!
  6. Movie Time – Pick out your favorite Easter movies and let’s have a quiet couple of hours! Here are a few I have picked and will let the kids pick from this list.
    1. HOP
    2. Risen
    3. The Dog who Saved Easter
    4. Iceage: The Great EGGscape
  7. Color a Picture: Let’s face it, even on Easter I need a little me time! Here are some great Easter coloring pages – Free Fun Easter
  8. Read a book– Read the Bible or an Easter story or anything you can read as a family!
  9. Coffee Time – Self Explanatory. Happening all day long, I might add.
  10. Play With the Dog and/or Baby -Let’s face it, pets and little kids are cute and cuddly and more than likely they will probably be wearing the cutest Easter outfit or bunny ears ever!
  11. WINE – Wine down time for all you Moms! (The blood of Jesus Christ amirite?)
  12. Call Loved Ones – Call loved ones and wish them a Happy Easter! Facetime a few of them so they can see yours and the kid’s Easter outfits!
  13. Chalk -Send the kids out to draw Easter drawings with chalk! (So I can sit on the porch and drink my wine.)
  14. Bake – Fun time in the kitchen! You can find all sorts of easy recipes here – Butter With a Side of Bread.
  15. Dance Party – Okay so this is really for the kids, so they can wear themselves out!
  16. Church – This is the best one on the list. Getting to sit down and listen to your Pastor

preaching is the best feeling. It makes things seem more normal. It reminds us of who we are celebrating on Easter.

Listen, my oldest is home from college and she seems to be the only one who hasn’t turned into a zombie. She’s constantly asking us to play ping pong or board games or make beaded bracelets… but if she asks me to play water pong one more time I might die. She’s always baking and feeding me sweets. All the other people in the family (my 11 year old son and my husband) choose to play video games. Constantly. For hours and hours. I don’t know how they don’t get bored with it. They yell at each other and the T.V. for what seems like days. So, when Easter rolls around we will be having forced family fun. Everyone must participate and everyone is going to have some Easter spirit. Happy Easter y’all!

When life throws you eggs, make some deviled eggs.

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