Top 5 Mistakes New Business Entrepreneurs Make

There is no better feeling than having the motivation and drive to start a new business. Some days we may not be up for it, but there is a goal to keep moving forward every day. It’s like exercising, you need to be committed. Ok, but seriously, who gets up at 4 a.m. to run five miles?! You’re a trooper if you do. There are going to be a few bumps in the road and mistakes made. What are they? Okay, listen up! 

  1. Launching without a game plan.

It all makes sense in our heads to just start, get those views, have google magically pop us up onto everyone’s search engines and then bam, we get our money’s worth. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? WRONG! This, my friends, is a big no-no. You see, the process begins before you even launch your product, service or business. Trust me, you don’t need millions of followers to get noticed. Look at it as a movie trailer. You’re at home, you see the trailer and before you know it you start discussing it with your family and friends and setting up a date to go see it. That same anticipation is what you want your audience to have. Get out there and drive that traffic y’all! 

  1. Not meeting customer’s needs. 

If you are here, then most likely you’re a new, passionate entrepreneur who wanted to quit your day job and start a job you’re actually passionate about. I support this! However, always keep in mind that “the customer is always right”. What do your customers want, need, expect? What are you doing on your end to make it happen? Customers want to feel valued and heard. So make a positive impact and make sure your target audience is defined to your business.

  1. Not being consistent.

Okay, so you’ve already promoted your product, launched it, got people to go on the site and buy a few products, now what? The key here is to be consistent! Just how you check your email every day (or maybe you let it pile up. *Cough cough* break that habit!) but you need to upload that content! Share this content on your social pages, in your email campaigns, etc.. Set up a content plan for what days you will upload and create a marketing strategy. You want to be remembered, because let’s face it, it’s a competitive world.

  1. Lacking time management skills.

This is your conscious talking to you about getting on a roll! As a new entrepreneur, you’re going to wind up running around (kind of like my kids do). It will drive you crazy, trust me. You need to develop time management skills to get it all done. Plan, hire that accountant, work with a company that will make killer content and help build your brand for you! Look, at the end of the day, we are all human and need an extra set of hands. Plus, once you start meeting your goals, in comes the wine to celebrate! 

  1.  Not adding value

Let’s wrap things up. All that effort your making is going to pay off. But please don’t forget to keep adding value to your brand. Practice having a growth mindset, evolving as technology does, become a leader and most importantly create a bond with your customers. There’s a spot in the business world for you, get out there and make it happen! You got this!

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