Made in the South: Porch Talk

Made in the South: Porch Talk

October and November have been two of the craziest months this year has presented us. Even in a pandemic the world has new ways to shock us. Not only has the election set records, but so have the hurricanes! Between political ads that won’t go away and rain that won’t stop pouring, I have brought you a very special edition of porch talk.

Election Season

This election season has been insane. Between the political ads being everywhere to record breakings, it has been one of the most competitive elections in recent history. All the early voting has caused problems to arise, plus the long lines on election day caused polling places to remain open later, but there was record voter turnout this year! Honestly, I was so annoyed by political ads. Political advertisements were everywhere this year, as I was shown them in my nail salon, on social media and, the worst one, on children’s channels! Advertisements usually don’t bother me, as my job revolves around it, but a certain line feels crossed when they appear on children’s channels. I hope the next election season is not as crazy, but I guess we will see, if we even make it that far! 

So Many Hurricanes

Hurricane season has also been very eventful here on the Gulf. We have a new one every week! It started with Sally, then we got hit with Zeta, and now we have Eta that’s preparing to hit Florida. You know it’s bad when they have run out of names for them using the english alphabet. At that point, it is not even worth cleaning up my yard until hurricane season is officially over. I’m surprised we haven’t all blown away, although we have come close. We have definitely learned to never underestimate the power of a storm, and to always have a backup generator. Eta should be the last to hit us for a while, but lately we can’t bet on what we originally thought. This whole year has been a test and the hurricanes are just another part of it. 

This year has been so upside for so many of us, but lucky the holidays are coming soon, bringing all the cheer with them! Hopefully, December brings along cold weather, presents and no more drama. If anything, the new year should bring along many surprises, especially with a new president and a vaccine. I wish I could see the future to fully prepare, but I guess we will have to wait for the time being. 

When life brings you craziness, sit back and enjoy a glass of wine!

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