Shopping During COVID

Let’s be honest, when COVID-19 hit, a lot of things became more difficult. Homeschooling my children, running my business and staying in the same house as my family all presented new challenges in my day-to-day life. However, one thing became easier, simpler and faster than ever before: shopping. If anything, COIVD-19 made me question why I had denied the existence of Amazon Prime and grocery delivery. All it takes now is the tap of a button and boom, new and exciting things are arriving daily, almost hourly, to my front door!

I’ll be honest, I might have gone crazy with this new way of buying goods and services. My husband said I was in a canoe on the Amazon headed straight for debt. But how could I help it? There were new books, movies, baby toys, clothes, electronics (you get the picture), all at the touch of my fingertips. Just simply put in my credit card information, and I had my baby this thing that lit up and carried him all around the house. It kind of looked like a robot vacuum, but with a baby seat attached to the top of it. Just take my word of it, it was awesome! (Even if he hated it at first.)

Soon, I discovered I was not the only one with this newfound online shopping dilemma. Many of my employees, friends and family were all buying new things. We all even joked about how the Amazon delivery man probably knows our address by heart! Isn’t it amazing how things as simple as online shopping addictions bring people together? 

Of course, while online shopping may have many upsides, it also has its downsides. As an impatient person, when Amazon says it will take two days before my item arrives, it feels more like two weeks. We never had this problem when shopping in-store. When shopping in-store, we always got our items as soon as we paid for them. Sure, we lost the excitement and anticipation  when shopping in-store, but we got the item right away. However, even though I am impatient, I have grown to love online shopping. Running a business takes a lot of my time, so I never really had time to go shopping in-person before. Online shopping has saved me time, money and sanity. Even if life returns to normal soon, shopping will probably become primarily online. As we continue to work on staying safe at home, I will continue to browse Amazon while sipping wine as my baby goes around on his robot vacuum baby chair thingy. 

When life hands you COVID, well there’s happiness just a click away!

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