6 Things I Have Learned About Managing a Business

This year my baby is turning six years old! In May, Brad and I will have officially run our company (aka the baby) for six years. Wow, time really does fly when you are having fun (and when you are sleep-deprived). As a small business owner, I have learned many things during these past six years. From handling difficult situations to making hard choices, there is nothing I have not experienced or seen! Together my team and I have grown our business along the Gulf Coast, and we have picked these as the most useful tips when it comes to managing a small business:

Sales is an Important Skill

As a small business, sales is the most important thing to focus on. You need people to be interested in the goods and services you are offering, but, more importantly, you need people to buy them! Sales and marketing are the number one priority to ensure that you can continue running the business you love.

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Following up with your clients allows you to receive feedback on your service and see what you can improve. Follow-ups are important to expand and grow your business because if someone likes what you do the first time, they are more likely to come back and work with you again. Follow-ups not only increase sales, but they help you build a better relationship with clients!

Success is Evolving

There is no true measure of success, and what is considered a success is forever evolving. Even after you achieve success, why not try to achieve even more? The only way to continue being successful is to continue to grow beyond what you thought was possible. If you do not continue to grow or progress, you and your business might fall behind, so you must continue to evolve as success does.

Take Risks

When I say take risks, I mean take calculated and evaluated risks that will help your business grow to its fullest extent. Sure, some risks might be a stride down the wrong path, but others are necessary to achieve the level of success you want for your small business.

Credentials Aren’t All the Rage

We are always told that those who go to the best schools, receive the best grades or make the money, are considered the best at their job. However, I learned you do not need the best, you need the best team. Recent studies show that diverse teams outperform those that are more homogenous (including those with the “best”). So, when hiring for a small business, choose those who are unique and will truly bring something new to your team.

It is Okay to be Wrong

Every day, my employees ask me questions that require me to make decisions. These decisions are not always easy, and I will never be able to make the correct decision all the time. No one can always predict what will happen nor can they make the correct decision all of the time. It is okay to make mistakes and be wrong because that is how we learn to make the right decision next time the situation arises.

I cannot wait to see what is on the horizon for Southern View Media. Maybe world domination? I mean, you never know! I could never say thank you enough to all of those who made this achievement happen. Thank you to our clients, our friends, our family and my amazing team for six amazing years. I am looking forward to working with you all for so many more!

When life hands you grapes, hire a team who can turn those grapes to wine!

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