The Best Places to Have Lunch Outside

Lately, the weather along the Gulf Coast has been nothing but clear skies and warm temperatures, which means it is finally summertime! One of my favorite activities to do in the summer is sit outside with my family and friends at local restaurants. Food with a view? Yes, please!

Spot of Tea

Spot of Tea is the go-to place for breakfast on the Gulf Coast! Located across from Cathedral Square, Spot of Tea offers the best outdoor dining for people watching on a Saturday morning. Every Saturday during the summer, Market in the Square takes place in Cathedral Square, meaning after eating and enjoying the view, you can shop from local vendors and get some of the freshest jams, produce, homemade baked goods and even doggy treats! It is a great opportunity to explore what Mobile offers in such a short amount of time! I highly recommend exploring the Cathedral as well after enjoying some of the best french toast you have ever tasted!

Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill

I cannot stop talking about the view at Boudreaux’s! I love to go to Boudreaux’s for a simple date night and sit on their balcony overlooking Mobile Bay. The view is absolutely breathtaking (so is the food), especially as the sun is setting with oranges, blues and pinks mixing together to paint a beautiful sky. Personally, I really enjoy their Plaquemine Parmigiana (the name is fun to say) with my view, but they have a wide variety to choose from. If you are a morning person (I am not), they serve a delicious brunch on Sunday, so guests can watch the rise over the bay!


If you know me, you know NoJa has been my favorite local restaurant since it opened in Mobile. They always serve a blend of Mediterranean and Asian flavors that delight your taste buds and your soul, but I highly recommend eating in the courtyard. While the inside of the restaurant is beautifully designed and elegant, the courtyard is dreamy and a must-see on a visit to Mobile. After your meal in the courtyard, I strongly recommend staying for dessert to try the ginger donut (you won’t regret it ;))!

El Papi

El Papi is a new upscale Mexican restaurant located in downtown Mobile! The food derives from locally sourced ingredients and they provide guests with a beautiful view from the patio and courtyard area. While you enjoy the view in the beautifully landscaped area, you will fall in love with their delicious dishes! One of my favorites is the Tatchos, the El Papi spin on the nachos (another fun word to say). Don’t forget to try their specialty cocktails, such as the Top Shelf (it’s an actual drink!), while you are there! 

This summer is the perfect time to sit back and relax while enjoying amazing food outdoors! There are so many local restaurants that provide amazing food with a view, so why not explore them all this summer?

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