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10 Things I Believe as a Business Owner

Bad things happen like a client leaves, an employee quits, or people say things that aren’t true. These are the moments that define who you are as a person, not just a business owner.


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5 Ways Life In South Alabama Isn’t What It Seems In “Hart Of Dixie”

I have some friends from Florida who are taking their first trip to South Alabama—Fairhope in particular—this summer. One of their first questions? “Is it anything like Bluebell?” I laughed and assured them Fairhope was the inspiration for the wonderfully perfect, fictional town of Bluebell, Alabama from The CW’s foregone “Hart of Dixie”. “Hart of […]

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12 Things only Baldwin County People Will Understand

1.)  The feeling of complete terror when you’re on I-10 heading to Mobile and traffic stops. 2.)  Telling tourists it’s GULF Shores, not GOLF or GUF Shores. (While we’re at it, it’s not pronounced Mo-bull it’s Mo-beel) 3.)  Avoiding the bayway between 7-9 am, 4-6 pm, and any Friday before a holiday weekend. 4.)  Knowing […]

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