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Why Does Success Always Come With Enemies? Does It Have To Be This Way?

The ladder to the top is built on the shoulders of those below you. Even if you were able to achieve success without stepping on anyone to get there, this is still unfortunately the first thing others will assume when viewing your rise. But why is this the case? Why does success come with enemies, […]

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Mornings Suck

Sorry, not sorry about the language. I know some people love mornings and wake up ready to face the day. You people are what I call “magical morning marvels” (or weirdos-whatever). I wake up after all 4 of my alarms have gone off, I have hit snooze on each one at least twice and my […]

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10 Things You Should Know About Jubilees

Jubilees only occur in two places: The Eastern Shore of the Mobile Bay in Alabama and Tokyo Bay in Japan. A Jubilee occurs because hypoxic (low oxygen level) water forces bottom dwelling animals to the surface searching for oxygen. A Jubilee is more likely when the Bay is calm, because stagnant water causes the salt […]

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