10 Things You Learn From Growing Up in the South

Growing up in the south is definitely interesting! You may hear southern stereotypes, but a lot of these are fabricated. Unless you grew up in the south, you can not truly understand Southern living. However, we are here to help you get an idea of a few things you learn when you grow up in the south!

Southern Food > All Other Food

Whether you are eating chicken and waffles, barbeque that falls off the bone, biscuits with honey, or gumbo – the south truly has the best menu available! Growing up in the south means that you are exposed to food that you will crave for the rest of your life! No matter where you travel, nothing will be able to compare to grandma’s sweet tea or fried chicken!

Hot Asphalt and Leather Seats are a Nightmare in Summer

There’s nothing quite as painful as hot asphalt on your bare feet or your thighs touching those hot leather seats! You have truly never felt “the burn” unless one of these has happened to you during a hot southern summer day!

Chivalry is not Dead

Southern Belles and Southern Gentlemen definitely still exist. Growing up in the south you will learn to mind your manners. Yes ma’am, No sir, please and thank you, are a part of every southerner’s dictionary.

Sundays in the South

If you are headed out for church, you better dress your best! It is better to overdress for church, than underdress.

What’s a secret?

Word travels fast in the south! So if you have big news, you better tell your family first because before you know it, it has spread like wildfire.

Happy Holidays

There’s no better time in the south than during the holidays! Whether it’s during Christmas and the table is overflowing with homemade dishes, or Easter where the whole family is gathered around. Holidays in the south can’t be beat!

What’s Fall? Oh, You Mean Football Season!

Fall in the South is better known as football season! You can typically find everybody gathered at the local high school on Friday nights decked out in their school colors! However, come Saturday you will find everyone representing their SEC teams. Football is a fixture in the south, you can certainly count on the whole town showing up.

Great Outdoors

Spare time in the south is typically spent outdoors. You spend a lot of time under the Oak trees, or on the Southern coast. Rather than sitting in front of the television, you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors!


In the south, blood runs thicker than water. In other words, your family will always come first. Mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles – they all played a part in our journey of growing up!

Strong Communities

When hard times hit, Southern communities come out stronger! The communities rally around one another and lend a helping hand to all of those in need.

Growing up in the South is truly a blessing. It comes with many perks like tight knit communities, great holidays, or even better food – the South has much to offer!


Top 5 Southern Sayings and Their Meanings

If you are from the South, or have ever visited it, then you will know that Southerners tend to have their own vocabulary. You may have heard some sayings that make absolutely no sense, or at least to you they don’t. However, to every other Southern born and bred individual, these sayings are regularly used and commonly understood. We understand that conversations south of the Mason-Dixon Line can be confusing, so below we are breaking down 5 Southern sayings and just what those sayings mean. Keep reading below if you are ready to have your vocabulary expanded and your mind blown.

“We’re Living in High Cotton”
Why would you want to live in cotton may be the initial response to this commonly used Southern phrase. However, the real meaning behind this phrase is quite clever. For a long time, cotton has been a key crop for the South’s economy. Because of the monetary benefits of cotton, Southern farmers used to pray for tall bushes loaded with cotton in their fields. If a farmer was successful in growing these tall cotton bushes, it made them easy to pick and yielded higher returns. So, to put it simply, if you are considered to be “living in high cotton” it means that you are feeling successful or wealthy. When we put it in those terms, who doesn’t want to be living in high cotton?

“She Was Madder than a Wet Hen”
We don’t know who she is, but it does not sound like we want to meet her! If someone refers to you as madder than a wet hen, you may have just made yourself an enemy. The meaning behind this odd little saying is because hens can enter a phase of “broodiness”. They can get to a point where they will stop at nothing to incubate their eggs and can get very aggravated when farmers try to collect them. In order to break them of this, farmers used to dunk hens in a cold water.

“He’s as Drunk as Cooter Brown”
Cooter Brown may or may not be a name you have heard before. If you haven’t, it’s okay! Cooter Brown is an infamous character of Southern folklore. According to Southerner’s, Cooter Brown lived on the Mason-Dixon Line during the Civil War. In order to avoid being drafted to the North or South side, he stayed drunk throughout the entire war – which made him ineligible for the war. So, if someone compares your level of inebriation to Cooter Brown, it may be time to grab yourself a glass or five of water.

“He Thinks the Sun Comes Up Just to Hear Him Crow”
As most of us know, roosters usually crow when the sun rises. This typically wakes the house and pretty much anyone else who lives near it. You may meet a rooster or two in your life who thinks that the sun rises only because he crows – or in other words, a cocky individual who believes that when they speak, everyone should listen. No need to tell names here, we all know a person like that!

“Bless Your Heart”
This phrase is in the vocabulary of pretty much every Southern woman. If you have ever crossed paths with a Southern woman, you may have heard her drop this phrase a time or two. In reality, this phrase has very little to do with religion. In fact, it has nothing to do with religion at all. It is used as a passive-aggressive way to call you an idiot. Depending on when it’s used, telling someone “bless your heart” could be the most effective insult.

Of course, there are more than just the above southern sayings, but these are probably the phrases you are most likely to hear on your next visit south of the Mason-Dixon line. It’s a good to get your vocabulary in check, so you can know the difference in a compliment and an insult.



Oh Valentine’s Day, what a beautiful time to celebrate love and all the ways it impacts our life. Even if you’re celebrating February 14 as National Single Awareness Day, you can still find ways to honor the day and its traditions. Because after all, Valentine’s Day is about our love life- and who hasn’t helped shaped that more than our ex’s? So if you’re avoiding cupid this year and can’t resist getting in one last jab at someone who may have made the last few sour, then update your Valentine’s Day cards this year with these special messages tailored for your ex.


If you’d like to stay with a classic, then send one of these cards that put a small twist on the ageless poem.

  • Roses are red, violets are blue. This day’s about love, but I hate you.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. You may have left me, but I’m better without you.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. My life became special when I finally left you.
  • Rose are red, violets are blue. My friends now know every little thing about you. (Every little thing)
  • Rose are red violets are blue. My favorite thing about me is that I’m no longer with you.


If poems aren’t your style then opt for a “heartfelt” message instead.

  • (Front) I’m sorry for calling you crazy. You deserve more credit than that. (Inside) I should have said really
  • (Front) If I had a nickel for every time I thought about you…(Inside) I wouldn’t even be able to buy a gumball.
  • (Front) I’m sorry for how our relationship ended. (Inside) I’m really sorry it ever even started.
  • (Front) I will always treasure our times together…(Inside) because I’m planning on using it for material to make me the next Adele.
  • (Front) My time as your significant other meant so much to me…(Inside) because my social media stalking skills have now made me eligible for the FBI.

Take inspiration from film and song with a play off these memorable romantic lines and scenes.

  • (Front) If you’re a bird, I’m a bird…(Inside) but like a much bigger bird. The kind that is obviously higher on the evolutionary chart than you and one that could destroy you if need be.
  • (Front) It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? (Inside) Oh that’s right, you cheated.
  • (Front) Our song is a slammin’ screen door…(Inside) from when I finally wised up and left you.
  • (Front) Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world you had to walk into mine. (Inside) Everything really went downhill from there.
  • (Front) I’ll never let go…(Inside) unless we’re in the middle of the ocean then I’m dropping your a*s.
  • (Front) Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. (Inside) You killed my dreams. Prepare to die.
  • (Front) You lost me at hello…(Inside) and had me at goodbye.
  • (Front) “I miss you.”-You—(Inside) “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”-Me


The recent destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean Islands and Florida means a long road to recovery. The catastrophic path taken by both storms has affected millions of people, displacing families from homes in some cases and completely destroying them in others. Those of us in Mobile are long familiar with the effects of hurricanes and can sympathize. Perhaps more importantly—at least in this case—is our unique position geographically. Existing in between both Texas and Florida, we here in lower Alabama can go east and west to help those in need. When we see our fellow man in trouble the natural response is to want to reach out and lend a hand in any way possible. There can be so many options for doing this, although it can become overwhelming. Find out how to help hurricane victims right now with these tips from Mobile Bay Local then choose the one that best falls in your area of expertise or ability.


  • Give to the Red Cross
    • The Red Cross is one of the most recognizable organizations worldwide and has built a reputation over the years as one of the most trusted. The Red Cross now has a system set up to make it easier than ever to donate, simply by texting the name of the disaster—in this case Harvey or Irma—to 90999 to give $10 (the amount is reflected on your next bill). While many like to see what they’re giving and opt for clothes, these donations start to pile up until there’s only loads of unnecessary clothes and nothing to help with major damage. Those at the Red Cross and other fine organizations have protocols and experience to quickly and effectively help in times of need. By donating to them you’re helping them put that money towards the most pressing issues. Don’t just give to any organization though as some scams will arise during this time. Do your research and only give to those that have a proven record or plan.
  • Donate Time to Clean Up
    • Before we can even start to think about donating items, there needs to be a place to put everything. Hurricanes are unique in that they cause both massive wind and flood damage. This can be daunting to clean up and generally takes leagues of volunteers. If you’re able, take a trip to Texas and/or Florida, even if it’s only for a day or two. Help someone clean out their home, get rid of ruined sheetrock or moldy carpet, and the like. Not properly cleaning up can cause problems ten-fold down the road so get as many hands on deck as possible in this area.
  • Assist Local Churches
    • Like the Red Cross and other organizations, many local churches are adept at assisting after natural disasters. Some have certain areas of expertise while others are plugged in through networks to other communities. Churches will often take trips to help with the clean up and give donations, so find one that you trust and ask how they’re helping those in Texas and Florida. Volunteer with them and you’ll be utilized in whatever way is most needed at that time.
  • Take in Animals
    • It’s not only humans that are displaced after a disaster, but animals too. A family pet can bring comfort after catastrophe. On the flip side, knowing they’re in danger can cause more angst. If you have the space and patience, volunteer to be a foster home for pets and take care of them while families get back on their feet. This isn’t just for dogs and cats either; horses and other large animals are harder to transport so are usually left to their own devices during a storm. If you have a farm, consider helping rescue and house these animals afterwards.



Teachers are some of society’s smartest individuals. They are literally tasked with molding our future generations for success. At times it can get a bit trying. Being the smart teachers they are, these fine men and women don’t come out and just yell what they’re thinking—well a few do, here’s looking at you Ms. Bumpers. Hope you got those anger issues under control—so instead they’ve found a way to get their frustration out without the students being any the wiser. To help pinpoint what they’re really trying to say though, here are teachers comments decoded.


  1. “Wow third time today you want the bathroom pass? Do I need to write you a note to the nurse instead?”

What they mean: “I know you aren’t really going to the bathroom. But if you insist on continuing to leave my classroom to go hang out in the hallways, I will embarrass you in front of everyone here and send you to the nurse’s office for the stomach problems that three trips to the bathroom in an hour would warrant.”

  1. “Your essays provided ample entertainment for my weekend.”

What they mean: “I had to spend my entire weekend trudging through these essays. I put more work into reading them then you obviously did writing them. It took three bottles of wine and imagining these were all written as a comedy club set to get through them.”

  1. “Don’t worry I’m not actually saying anything important up here in the front of the classroom, talking about your lesson.”

What they mean: “I guarantee you that Brittney’s run down of her date with Tom will not be the subject of your next test but please continue to have that conversation instead of paying attention to me. The teacher. Who’s responsible for helping you pass this class, grade and school so you can go make something of your life. I just stand up here and talk for fun.”

  1. “Sit back down. The bell doesn’t release you; only I can release you.”

What they mean: “I’m just as ready as you are for this day to be over and everyone to get out of here but I’m not going to let an inanimate object control the day. I will hold you here until you realize that I’m in charge…and to help give me a head start to the parking lot.”

  1. “I’m glad you asked because yes the instructions have changed from the previous two times I gave them.”

What they mean: “I literally explained this twice already and if you had paid attention to start with I wouldn’t be taking extra time out of our day to go over the same thing. Next time just listen when I’m talking because what I’m saying may actually be something you need to hear. I will not accept an unfinished assignment or project because you decided to get on Twitter instead of listening as I gave the instructions.”



Shakespeare added thousands of words and phrases to the English language…so apparently anyone can do it, at least in theory. But not every word is a gem and there are some that we should do away with all together. Some are offensive, some are disturbing, and some are just lazy. To help you navigate the murky waters of vocabulary, here are four words you should never use:

a.This word has made every list of this kind for years and yet it still exists in our lexicon. Why? Why, why, why? There are so many synonyms that don’t sound vile and disgusting. To help you replace the particular word in your daily usage, here are some other options: wet, saturated, damp (try to avoid that one as well but it’s better than the alternative), clammy, or even just simply rewording the sentence to use moisture.
a.It’s not the quality of the word so much here as the quantity and way in which it’s used. You aren’t literally going to starve if you don’t eat some pizza soon. The only person who can say they’re literally going to explode with anger is The Hulk. Are you The Hulk? No, so don’t promise something that’s not going to happen. If you use this word literally it means something is definite (see what I did there?) so think before you speak and people will believe you more if you don’t literally guarantee anything.
a.You are not a 13-year-old girl describing the Jonas Brothers (are they even a thing anymore? I don’t know. Only someone who uses the word totes would know that.) It literally takes an extra 0.000004 of a second to say the full word totally and in exchange you sound 4000000x’s smarter…unless you’re using it like Cher in Clueless, in which case you also risk sounding ignorant, so don’t use it that way either.
a.The problem with this word is that in the last five years it has come to mean a number of different things. None of them are valid so instead of trying to pinpoint where it’s going wrong let’s just take it out of every day use—save plumbers and oceanographers, you’re still allowed to use flow. But if you’re talking about your hair, your outfit, or your evening plans, use a word that actually applies to the situation. Stop trying to steal words from their original definition.

There are over a million words in the English language. So removing these four words you should never use from your vocabulary shouldn’t be too much of a hardship and the world will be a better place for it.

9 Tips for Traveling Through the Tunnel and Across the Bay

There are a lot of wonderful things about living in the Mobile Bay area. The Wallace Tunnel and Bay Bridge are not two of them. Even if we accept the necessity of their construction in our world, the very thought of having to travel through the tunnel and across the Bayway can cause a visceral reaction in even the most hardened of Mobile drivers. To help, here are nine tips for traveling the tunnel and Bayway:

a.Avoid it if possible. Take the Africatown Bridge and Causeway while laughing at the line of cars stuck on the other side. Go north and take the Dolly Parton Bridge, if possible. It might even be faster to go down to Dauphin Island and ride the ferry to the other side. You probably won’t waste that much extra time.
2.Make Friends
a.While waiting to get into the tunnel and then while trying to inch your way across the interstate, try to embrace your situation and make friends with those around you. You’re all stuck together so roll down your window and chat up the person next to you. I like to imagine this is what motorist are doing when they lean out their window to talk to me while I cut across lanes around slower cars. They’re always very passionate about making friends as well, screaming and shaking their fist.
3.Rent a Helicopter
a.Just fly over. It’s like a ferry for the air. Park your car on one side of the bay and ride over, taking an Uber to wherever you need to go, then do the whole thing in reverse when it’s time to go home. This is actually a genius idea. I’m should talk to the Mobile and Daphne government officials about this; it could be the carpool lane of the future. Who knows the civil engineers to build the helipad?
4.Take a Boat
a.You’re driving under and then over a bay. The whole time you’re creeping along in traffic, you’re surrounded by an excellent means of alternative travel! Why are you sitting on the road in a stuffy car? We live on the bay, use the channels to your advantage! Sure you have to drop in farther up the road and ride your way through streams and rivers, but still, it’s got to be more freeing then the hot asphalt.
5.Tunnel Underneath
a.Take a page out of the book of the Wallace Tunnel and just continue the progress. Need to use a spoon like a prison break? Would still be faster. We get enough tunnels going and there will never be congestion again.
6.Be Content
a.One way to assure you never ever have to worry about the headache that is the tunnel and Bayway is to just be content; forever remain on your side of the water, never to see the other shore. There are plenty of amenities on both sides. Do we really need the Eastern Shore and vice versa? I’m pretty proud of my side so I’ll just stay over here.
7.Bring a Book
a.You’re guaranteed to get at least five minutes of uninterrupted parking lot time. Bring a book and catch up on a few chapters while waiting to creep into the tunnel and for the expected gridlock that comes about a mile onto the Bayway.
8.Take a Nap
a.A book not your style? Use the time to take a nap. Motorist around you will be nice enough to wake you up with a few taps of the horn when it’s time to start moving again.
9.Anger Management
a.Since you probably won’t be able to avoid the frustration no matter how hard you try, use the time to get out your anger instead. When you try to wrap around to the tunnel from downtown Mobile through this new convoluted system that someone thought was a good idea or everyone slows to a crawl for no discernable reason, embrace that moment and release any pent up feelings of irritation. Blow your horn, call the person in front of you an idiot (with the windows up!), and just get everything out that’s been making you mad for the past few days. It’s a great moment of emotional dumping and the best foreseeable reason for suffering through the tunnel and Bayway.

9 Things Mobilians Understand That No One Else Will

Every city has a personality and only those that live there can truly understand and appreciate it. This is never truer than in Mobile, a city that constantly surprises with new idiosyncrasies while remaining interesting with older ones that created the Port City’s character in the first place. Here are nine things only Mobilians will understand about the place they call home.


  1. Mardi Gras Is Ours
    1. New Orleans can say whatever they want because Mobilians know the truth. Bienville and Iberville started Carnival here on 27-Mile Bluff in 1703, more than 20 years before they took it to the Bayou. When the Civil War took away the festivities for a while, it was Mobilian Joe Cain who brought it back with a racket still celebrate today on Joe Cain Day (a holiday no other Carnival city can claim). It’s a fact that Mobilians are proud of and will quickly “educate” anyone who says otherwise.
  2. Dauphin Island Is Awesome
    1. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach get the accolades and the tourists and the HGTV shows—and deservedly so—but Mobilians know the true treasure lies on Dauphin Island. We’re ok with the secret not getting out because that stretch of land is perfect for those of us just needing a quick day in the sun. The Gulf on one side provides the necessary white beaches while the Bay on the other side gives boaters and kayakers inlets and open areas to take advantage of the water.
  3. Mobile Is Strangely Haunted
    1. Savannah claims to be the nation’s most haunted city and it’s one it came by honestly, but travelers looking to head west for a bit of spook won’t be disappointed with what they find in Mobile. The old mansions all have their own tales of household ghosts and the countless battles in the city have left an eerie air. The city itself is haunted—don’t believe me? Head to Church Street Cemetery and research the Boyington Oak.
  4. The Architecture is Second to None
    1. Take a ride down Government Street and you’ll see buildings boasting every type of architecture from Roman Gothic to French Revival. The different cultural influences are evident in every building that dots the cities historical areas. And it’s not just the front face. Head inside the Battle House Hotel to try out the “Whispering Arch.” While in Cathedral Square, look up to admire the domes of the Basilica. If you need to take it all in at once, visit the History Museum’s Doll Room where miniature dollhouses of Mobile’s grandest architectural beauties are open for viewing.
  5. Mobile’s Cultural Door is Wide Open
    1. Sitting at the bottom of the state known as “The Heart of Dixie,” Mobile seems like it would be the epitome of the Deep South and in many ways it is; but the city also has something many others in the area don’t. As we will see in the next point, Mobile is home to major international industries leading to a city teeming with different cultures. Those of us who’ve grown up here have often gone to school or church with those of different nationalities. It opens a door to unique cuisines and traditions (like the Dragon Race at the Battleship) that those of us from Mobile are lucky enough to learn from. It makes sense for a city that has been a part of six different nations throughout its history.
  6. The City is Hugely Important to Industry
    1. A ride over the Africatown Bridge is like a glimpse into worldwide industry. From Austal to Airbus, some of the world’s biggest companies set up shop in Mobile and for those of us from the area, we know it’s the perfect place for such businesses. The warm weather, dry inland and access to waterways are ideal. We also know to look up when heading into the Bankhead Tunnel westbound for an up-close look at Austal’s next big project.
  7. It’s Becoming an Entertainment Hotspot
    1. For a while there you couldn’t walk around downtown without finding yourself in a Nicholas Cage photo-op. The state’s tax incentives have brought production companies to the area where they take advantage of the vast landscapes (pine forests to beaches), range of cityscapes (historical to modern), access to unique settings (Battleship Park alone offers everything you need for a WWII movie) and swings of weather (you can shoot a rain scene and blue-sky scene in the same afternoon!) to shoot movies, music videos, marketing tools, and more. And it’s not just film; the music scene provides Mobilians with intimate concerts at places like the Soul Kitchen and major headliners at The Wharf and Hangout Festival—the latter of which fills MTV programming for three straight days!  
  8. Mobile Is One of the Nation’s Oldest Cities
    1. For years Mobile was known as the City of Six Flags, due to the different nation’s it has flown under through the years. It’s one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in American and one of the first founded communities. Started in 1702, the city has been through 300 years of wars and nationality shifts and celebrations and political events, giving it a deep and versatile history that few other cities can even begin to boast.
  9. The Food Can’t Be Beat
    1. People want to tell you that it’s the surrounding areas that know how to do their respective foods right. New Orleans has the Creole\Cajun cuisine; Birmingham has mastered barbeque and it’s only the south that sits in the foothills of the Appalachians, Smokies and Ozarks that really know how to do down home cooking, right? Wrong. While each of those areas are deserving in their own right, here in Mobile we’ve found a way to tap into all of them, not as a way of stealing, but just by the good grace of being in an area that holds all of the same qualities of those other places. Throw in the seafood that is always fresh from the Gulf and you really can’t find a better place for foodies to thrive.

Why Does Success Always Come With Enemies? Does It Have To Be This Way?

The ladder to the top is built on the shoulders of those below you. Even if you were able to achieve success without stepping on anyone to get there, this is still unfortunately the first thing others will assume when viewing your rise. But why is this the case? Why does success come with enemies, and does it really have to be this way?


The most common reason these two are synonymous is simply bitterness. You were able to achieve something that someone else was not and they’re upset—usually at themselves more than anything for feeling like they’ve failed but it’s much easier to direct that at the one they envy. It’s important to remember that they don’t hate your success; they begrudge the fact that you were able to obtain it when they couldn’t for whatever reason. The easiest thing to combat this is to offer support.  You don’t want to come off haughty because that will only make the problem worse. If you humbly share your expertise as a way to help someone else get to the same point as yourself, then you’re taking what could have been an opportunity for them to be bitter and turning it into a feeling of appreciation. Make sure you share your mistakes so the other person doesn’t feel as bad for those they will inevitably make one day in the future.


Another reason success comes with enemies is because you might have actually stepped on someone else to get to where you are. Before you protest, just remember this doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person—even though you want to avoid this at all cost. The sad reality is though that it’s a dog eat dog world and it’s easy to get caught up in the race sometime. This leads to people doing what they must do to succeed. If you’ve found yourself in this situation it’s important to take responsibility. There are going to be people mad at you and they have every right to feel that way. When they do, apologize. Owning up to your actions and learning from them is vital to personal growth. We’ll never be at the top of the ladder forever, so on your next climb make sure to reach out to those working around you and offer support; also, don’t be afraid to ask for theirs. This gives them a sense of pride to be able to help you and in doing so you’ve created a mutual trust and partnership. As you grow in your success, you’ll create a web of support. By doing so you’ll find it’s much easier to move up if you’re helping each other as opposed to fighting each other to the top.


For years the rule has been that achievements would be met with scorn. This can become the exception though. While it’s normal for success to come with enemies, just remember there are ways to change that and they start with you.

When Life Hands You Grapes- Squash the Bitterness

Written by Guest Blogger- Kassidy

Mornings Suck

Sorry, not sorry about the language. I know some people love mornings and wake up ready to face the day. You people are what I call “magical morning marvels” (or weirdos-whatever). I wake up after all 4 of my alarms have gone off, I have hit snooze on each one at least twice and my husband has thrown a pillow(or something else) at me to get out of the bed.  Believe me, I have tried so hard to find a way to make waking up easier, sleeping medicine, going to bed earlier, sleeping with the TV off, prayer (lots of prayer), and finally I just accepted it. It is part of who I am. Here are 5 Reasons weekday mornings suck:

  • During the school year no one can find anything before 7:45am. Shoes are lost, homework is nowhere to be found, glasses are MIA and even the dogs go missing. (Yes I have been late trying to track down a rouge pug that decided to take himself for a morning walk.) There are days I threaten to send my kids to school with one shoe. I am sure I would get a call about a uniform infraction, but I am thinking it would be worth it.
  • It takes me 729 tries to leave my house. Somehow I forget every-singl- thing I need when I walk to the car. Then I have to come in to get each item individually. I can’t remember them all at once. No, I have to keep making repeat trips inside the house to make sure I wake everyone else up. “Keys are important”, must go back for those. “Wait, where did I put my phone?” “Man, I am going to need my Ipad today”, back in I go. “Did I put on makeup? Let me grab my makeup bag, maybe I can put it on when I get to the office.” Now my youngest has woken up and he wants breakfast.
  • Waking up a teenager (OEW) is like poking a grumpy, hormonal bear. Yeah some mornings she sets her alarm, but some morning genetics kick in and she snoozes that baby 4 times and it’s over. Her precious little Face scrunches up at me and makes noises I have not heard before. (I can’t say I blame her)
  • Waking up an 8 year old (SA) is like something out of a zombie movie. He refuses to get out of bed so we have to carry him to our bathroom to get him ready. (notice I said we, yeah my husband, BD, is usually in charge of this task). Once we sit him on the ground he usually refuses to open his eyes, which makes using the restroom and brushing his teeth super fun!
  • The tunnel traffic is rough in the morning y’all. I only have to drive across the bay in the mornings about twice a week. Don’t get me wrong, if I had left earlier (see above regarding missing shoes, pugs, and cell phones) then the drive would be very beautiful and enjoyable, but I didn’t, so it’s not. If it rains, you can forget about getting to or from Mobile. And why for the love of sweet little baby Jesus does everyone hit their brakes in the tunnel?

I want to clarify; weekend mornings are a completely different story. No alarms, no missing keys, no tunnel traffic, or brake lights, just coffee and snuggles. I love sitting on the back porch, sipping my coffee while watching the egrets catch their breakfast in the retention pond behind out house. Usually after about 30 minutes or so one of kiddos wakes up and joins me and it’s the start to a great day. This must be what the “magical morning marvels” experience on weekday mornings. I wish I could say I would change, but it is unlikely. I am not a morning person. Sorry, not sorry.

When Life Hands You Grapes, Hit Snooze.